Saturday, April 18, 2009

You guys like ink washes, right?

Now if there's one thing that's wrong with me, it's that I've convinced myself that doing ink washes on a large scale is a good idea. So here's two that I feel I should put up here:

A month or two ago, I had to illustrate one of the seven deadly sins. I chose wrath and produced an ink painting of a man punching a white-tailed deer.
Another fine example of why I hate taking pictures of my work with my camera. I'm going to call this "unfinished", because practically everything needs to be darkened...But I'm hesitant to say that, because considering my workload, I'll doubt I'll ever get around to that.

I made this back in December for my grandmother, so I might as well show it, considering four months have been able to pass without me completely hating it...Which is pretty impressive for me.
Oh, yeah. I signed it. I'm a monster.

There's oodles of fun things I'm doing that I'll be able to put up here when I'm done, like more paintings, photography and other crap! Yeehaw, crap.

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