Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There's a whale in the moon when it's clear

For Color class, we had to to illustrate a song lyric in a color triad. So I picked Fish & Bird by Tom Waits (Off of the album, Alice). I mean, technically...the song pertains to a whale and a bird, but I took some liberties. Once again, I'm pretty new to gouache, so I'm happy with how it came out.

He said, 'You cannot live in the ocean' and she said to him, 'You never can live in the sky.'

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Wonderful Time: The Best Kind of Time

Things have been simply grand lately. I love it. The weather's been pretty unforgiving, but everything is so god damned beautiful, I CAN'T COMPLAIN. This morning, our photo class reaped the benefits of that and shot down at DUMBO. I scraped my knee, got a nice, hearty smear of goose feces over the back of my shirt and I keep getting curb stomped by the proverbial foot of seasonal allergies but that's alright. I got frozen yogurt later.

Oh, and photo credit goes to Brian Barnhart. Swell guy, he is.

Sorry I haven't been on top of the whole "uploading recent art" thing as of late. Everything I've been doing as of late has been preparatory compositions and sketches and whatnot. But a lot of due dates are approaching with violent haste, so I'm going to have a nice stack of paintings for my scanner soon. So get pumped.


To compensate, here's an Inkwell Rhythm Makers album. Hope you like awesome jug bands. - En- Rag-O-Phonic
Let it be known that they're doing the whole "free music" thing by giving this up for free download, which I feel deserves a good deal of respect. If you can, show them some love, despite them being disbanded.

If you're looking for awesome new music, check out the blog of my good friend, Ellis. The kid's got a good selection of folk, old and new. So be a good American and take a look.


My God, I'm so sorry I ramble so much.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

SPEAKING of crap from last semester...

Done pretty early into first semester, but I finally got around to uploading it. And it still holds a place in my heart, so here you are!

I can only avoid my schoolwork for so long. Soon, there will be recent things besides sketches up.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

March of Robopotamus

A few weeks ago, I was experimenting with wet brush and charcoal...Oh, and there's some Micron pen in there, too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cutting Branches for a Temporary Shelter

This is a bisant. You will see more.

The Penguin Cafe Orchestra produces music that everyone should listen to. And I am here to facilitate that.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Penguin Cafe Orchestra

The only description I will give is that their name is appropriate.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A rainy Monday, indeed

Thanks for the sketchbook, Chelsea.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This jerk's got a Holga.

This is for a project I'm doing for my photo class. I've probably given away what I'm doing for the concept by putting up these two photos, but I'm too excited about how this roll came out to care.

Happy, happy days.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

You guys like ink washes, right?

Now if there's one thing that's wrong with me, it's that I've convinced myself that doing ink washes on a large scale is a good idea. So here's two that I feel I should put up here:

A month or two ago, I had to illustrate one of the seven deadly sins. I chose wrath and produced an ink painting of a man punching a white-tailed deer.
Another fine example of why I hate taking pictures of my work with my camera. I'm going to call this "unfinished", because practically everything needs to be darkened...But I'm hesitant to say that, because considering my workload, I'll doubt I'll ever get around to that.

I made this back in December for my grandmother, so I might as well show it, considering four months have been able to pass without me completely hating it...Which is pretty impressive for me.
Oh, yeah. I signed it. I'm a monster.

There's oodles of fun things I'm doing that I'll be able to put up here when I'm done, like more paintings, photography and other crap! Yeehaw, crap.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A forray into the realms of Photoshop

So I've done a few cute little Photoshop things...Mostly just me doing line drawing and coloring them in. But working graphically is really the only interest I have in the program. So here's some crap that may cause some smiles:

First thing I did. Bill Watterson would either love or hate me.

This was a doodle that evolved into something stupid. Since this, I've produced a much cooler doodle. I should scan that some time soon.

IT'S A GIRAFFE. This was my first time ever trying to make anything with textures. I turned out alright. This is a haphazard taste of a pretty large illustration project I have going with a friend of mine. I'll elaborate later.

I have a few more things. But I'll save it for the future. I feel like I've had a pretty fruitful first hour.


Granted everything I produce winds up being for school, but it doesn't really alter what I aim to do at all (Because I usually find a loophole in the assignment and seize the opportunity to turn in something ridiculous). So anywho, we had to illustrate a "futuristic socieity" in General Illustration II, and through my cunning explanation of the infinite parallel universe theory, I managed to get away with this:

It kind of looks awful in the photo, but I like the concept too much not to share. I'll eventually get around to acquiring a more flattering image of it, assuming I can find a large enough scanner or a decent enough camera.
Oh, it's acrylic on canvas board, if anyone cares.

It may also be worth nothing that this painting was based on a sketch I did a about a year ago:

And yeahhhh.


Well, it just so HAPPENS that last night, I uploaded a fistful of images of some paintings I've done in the past month. And I suppose it'd be a good idea to put them up here...seeing as this is the whole ART BLOG thing and whatnot.

What follows is a three piece series where I used each of the complimentary color sets. It was one of my first ventures in gouache and blahblahblahshootme.

Violet and yellow.

Blue and orange.

Red and green.

Finally, some work I've done that didn't involve animals...But it still has food. I need to break this awful, awful theme of mine.

Let the powerful surge of vanity commence.

Well, I am in class, throwing together a mandatory page for Photoshop class. Now, I've always been meaning to do one of these crazy blog-type deals, and I guess this is the only time I'll have enough motivation to start one. So let's all huddle together and pray this doesn't get neglected over a short period of time.

I'll (hopefully) be using this page to show the neat little things I've been producing in school...And...well, anything else that strikes my fancy. And my fancy is selective, so it'll all be AWESOME.