Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crawling to a finish.

Here's the design for Wood Spider's tour flier.

Here's an out-of-context illustration of Johnny Appleseed.

I'm waist deep in a thick sludge of work that must be done. However, I've found time to update my blog... So I guess this means it's possible for me to have even more to do...


Luminescent Orchestrii - Too Hot to Sleep

Tags: gypsy, tango, klezmer, punk, world

Another old favorite. They're a bunch of awesome folk musicians/songwriters that are paralyzingly amazing to see live. They managed to incorporate punk influences, but still preserve musical integrity! How? HOW?!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lots of news.

This is the cover to a project I worked on with two others over the past winter and spring. It's a zine covering sustainability throughout US History and the current importance of saving seeds. All of the illustrations are my doing and I'll post a couple here to give y'all an idea:

This zine is a component of a massive radical project known as The Circuit. The Circuit is a network of creative individuals with the intention of uniting like-minded countercultures with a variety of artistic collaborations that span over several different media and themes, but all connected with one underlying concept.
One of these projects is our zine, Seed Sharers and while I'm touring with Wood Spider this summer, we'll be distributing this zine at each one of our shows, in a distro-like manner.

Also, as a "cell" of The Circuit, we'll be displaying a small collection of the artwork from both our zine and the projects of the many other groups affiliated with us. These works will also be displayed at our shows, making each one of our performances an event of stompy folk music, zine distribution and DIY guerrilla art galleries! Hot damn!
(We don't know any of the other cells or how many of them there are, so what we display is merely the "tip of the iceberg", if you will.)

What follows is the current calendar for our summer tour in June. Things may get added, switched around or (hopefully not) dropped, so if you want to stay updated, it'd be best to consult the band's MySpace.

June 4 - Westerly, RI - New England DIY Fest
June 5 - New York, NY - Silent Barn (EARLY SHOW)
June 6 - Maryland - Pending
June 7 - Washington DC - Pending
June 8 - Virginia - Pending
June 9 - Richmond, VA - The Wingnut
June 10 - Durham, NC - The Factory (618 Foster Street)
June 11 - Pending
June 12 - Pending
June 13 - New Orleans, LA - All Ways Lounge
June 14 - New Orleans, LA - Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinarian Arts Center
June 15 - Houston, TX - Sedition Book Collective
June 16 - Houston, TX - Super Happy Fun Land
June 17 - Denton, TX - J&J's Old Dirty Basement
June 18 - Conway, AR - La Lucha Space
June 19 - Russelville, AR - The Foxhole
June 20 - Pending
June 21 - Indiana - Pending
June 22 - Columbus, OH - The Boneyard
June 23 - Kent, OH - The House House (Crooked River Collective)
June 24 - Pittsburgh, PA - Project 53
June 25 - Philadelphia, PA - The Fire Pit
June 26 - Philadelphia, PA - Magic City Summer Solstice Festival
June 27 - New York, NY - Yippie Cafe
June 28 - Allston, MA - Islington House Showspace

It'd be awesome if you guys could make it out to these! It's for a good/awesome cause!
And if you're having trouble finding information about some of these shows, shoot me an e-mail at We're playing a few houses, so information on the venue might be scarce.

Also, to you New York folk, go to the show on the 5th at The Silent Barn in Brooklyn! It's a free event on a Saturday afternoon! New Yorkers love free things! Don't try and deny it!
(This isn't to say that a majority of our shows won't be free/donation-based)

I suppose that's all for now. If there's more information to be dispatched, I'll so dispatch it.



Psalters - The Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles

Tags: world, folk, christian, tribal, experimental

I listened to this once and fell in heavy, heavy love. This band has a constant revolving door of members and draws influence from a crazy variety of world music. Oh, and they do it well, too! Listen!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


This was a flier I designed for a bread sale ("Bake sale" has such a bland connotation these days, don't you think?) that went on at Oberlin College this weekend. Obviously, the sale's rousing success was due to my AWESOME flier design. Obviously.
All of the proceeds are going towards Wood Spider's multimedia summer tour! Get pumped! ...If you're on the East/South Coast, that is.


Blackbird RAUM - Under the Starling Host

Tags: gypsy punk, folk punk, riot folk

In honor of bread, I'm hosting Blackbird Raum's most recent album, Under the Starling Host. These people add such a gross amount of musical innovation to the typically repetitive genre they're usually lumped in. They play folk punk in 15/4 for God's sake! 15/4!