Friday, May 18, 2012

I just dunno.

Sorry, Blogspot. No hard feelings.

I'm making this post in my last ever class of college.*

*Well, this actually isn't MY class. That was this morning. I'm making up a project here. Anti-climactic, I know.


Jason the Swamp - As Is The Sun
Download: Bandcamp (free)
Tags: singer-songwriter, freak-folk, lo-fi, ambient

I don't really know much about Jason the Swamp. I was glad I stumbled across it when I did because it made for nice listening while wearily designing some iPad layouts. There's some nice minimal vocals accented by giant heavy, textural percussive swells.

I dunno. It's cool. It's free. Listen to it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy finalz.

A reinterpretation of Jack Skellington's discovery of Christmas Town in The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Created with traditional media assembled in After Effects.


Big Blood - Old Time Primitives
Tags: freak folk, psychedlic, experimental pop

Yay! Big Blood has a new album and you should support their willingness to give it away for free and download it. They're staying true to that beautiful atmosphere between ethereal and dense but are always experimenting. The title track is rockin'.

Go listen.