Sunday, August 30, 2009

Heck yeah, education.

Well, I'm in my new, surprisingly accommodating hole for the next year. My room mate hasn't arrived yet, so I've been spending the past day or so here setting stuff up, doing Alex Krokus-esque things and starving since I haven't been motivated enough to buy food yet (But I suppose that can fall under the second category).
Pictures may come soon, if Julian and I could manage to make this place cool enough to warrant taking them. We'll see, I suppose.

Classes start tomorrow. Yeehaw.

(Who wants to sell me a banjolele? I'm tired of losing eBay auctions in search of one.)


Gangstagrass - Gangstagrass
Download -

Download this album now. It's bluegrass hip-hop. Bluegrass hip-hop!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some things.

Fictitious animal study. I was laying out the skeleton for a new species of rodent. I'll go into specifics when I get around to doing the final versions and the muscles.
(Forgive the horrible exposure).


It was late. There were plums and carrots.

Nothing special. But I like it.


I got around to scanning and uploading the disposable camera pictures from tour. They can be viewed here.


Dark Dark Dark - Love You, Bye.
Mediafire -
Megaupload - tags: new weird america, indie gypsy folk, hobo revival

In essence, this was the soundtrack of tour. I figured I'd upload it on the grounds that I really, really like this release and because it doesn't seem to be super readily available on the Internet. Hopefully, it'll help some kid out who expresses an interest in..."hobo revival". Whatever the hell that is.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Check the back! Knives out!

Guess who's back from tour?


Holy God. I had a wonderful time. I met so many kind, genuine and all-around awesome people. It's nice knowing those could still be found in New England.
We "toured" the region over the course of a week and saw a myriad swell things. I could go into specifics, but I don't want this to be too text heavy. Some pictures were taken with my camera and those could illustrate my experiences a fair amount, I suppose. We had a few disposable cameras on us, as well...And those are like...mega Holgas when it comes to awkwardness, so get pumped.

Shoot, I realized that only two shows were documented on my camera. I know there were other performances taken on other people's much nicer cameras, so I'll track those down and link them here sooner or later!

Been trying not to slack too hard. Here's a sample of some little things I did while being a total rock star.

I should try and do like...a legitimate painting or something before school starts.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

One itchy August...

Flier done for the upcoming Portland show. There's still a few dates on tour that are not concrete yet, but I may make a few more fliers for the ones that...y'know...aren't falling apart.

Oh, Lord. I have so many projects planned that won't get done this summer. How very tragic.