Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some things.

Fictitious animal study. I was laying out the skeleton for a new species of rodent. I'll go into specifics when I get around to doing the final versions and the muscles.
(Forgive the horrible exposure).


It was late. There were plums and carrots.

Nothing special. But I like it.


I got around to scanning and uploading the disposable camera pictures from tour. They can be viewed here.


Dark Dark Dark - Love You, Bye.
Mediafire -
Megaupload - tags: new weird america, indie gypsy folk, hobo revival

In essence, this was the soundtrack of tour. I figured I'd upload it on the grounds that I really, really like this release and because it doesn't seem to be super readily available on the Internet. Hopefully, it'll help some kid out who expresses an interest in..."hobo revival". Whatever the hell that is.


  1. fuck, man. you should just draw my minibooks. that cicada is amazing.

    also, hobo revival sounds like i am highly interested in it. but the link doesn't seem to like me and keeps giving me this error window. hopefully it will fix itself.

  2. Thanks so much! I'm thinking of tattooing the honey bee on myself, so I'm trying to get drawing them down pat. Can't have a sub-par arthropod tarnishing my body, you know.

    On the grounds of the music, I put it up on MegaUpload, too. So let me know how that goes.

  3. we should get absurd science/nature tattoos together.

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  5. I really, really like these. Every component of this post, actually. It's piqued my enthusiasm for whenever we work on the design for my tattoo.

    Thanks for posting Dark Dark Dark, I'm excited for it to sully my eardrums.

  6. You're 100% right about Dark Dark Dark not being readily available on the internet. Thank you for uploading it, and I really enjoy your blog.

  7. dude, thanks for Dark Dark Dark:)