Thursday, April 29, 2010

Environmental malarkey.


I have intentions of touching this up a bit more. When that is, I have no idea, considering I'm kind of busy as hell right now and I'm going to continue to be kind of busy as hell for a while. So here it is!


Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - Pandelirium

Tags: rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, country, blues

An ol' favorite of mine. I'm going to exercise my fondness of hyphenated punk genres and call this "bayou-punk". ...Yeah.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day acknowledges scavengers.

I wanted to get better at drawing vultures. So I went to the Museum of Natural History to do so. Here are two pencil drawings of white-backed vultures.

The top one is a white-back. The bottom is a lappet-faced vulture. Both are drawn with a Micron. Oooooh!


The Devil Makes Three - The Devil Makes Three

Tags: folk, bluegrass, americana, country



In celebration of Earth Day, here's me giving an exhausted, shirtless, informal lecture about the Irish Potato Famine to a crowd of people.

(My blog just got awful.)

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Know that you're worth 44 cents in my eyes."

Preface: The layout of this post is a little less than beautiful. Blogger's HTML shortcuts don't seem to be present.

Here's some little things.

At the heart of all human expression, there are still the raw veins of science and nature. As indicated by this juniper and accordion.

A drawing done with ink and the key that is profiled. You know me and my love of impractical ink drawings...


The Bill Murray Experience - T'ain't No Sin

Tags: Ragtime blues, early jazz

Sure, their name is kind of stupid but when you see them live, you'll overlook it. They're pretty staggeringly phenomenal. If you're ever in Brooklyn on a Wednesday night, go to Roots 'n' Ruckus at the Jalopy Theater. That seems to be their "place".

Thursday, April 8, 2010

On a kick.

A painting that I pretty much just used as an exercise of color application. It's meant to illustrate and accompany a childrens poem about the individuality found in a thumb print...hence why there is that negative space to the right.

A month or two ago, I showed a pencil sketch of this painting, and it kind of evolved into something else. Here I've pit Bill Watterson against the haunting legions of his adoring fans, desperately trying to protect his beloved creation from the sinister hands of mass-marketing.
I don't normally do caricatures, but it was fun. I got to apply some of the things I learned in the previous painting, and I think it paid off.


I'm glad to note that I've become involved with the Folk Routes Anarchist Networking Distribution Syndicate. You can read up on that...but rest assured that a lot of cool things are going to come out of it. It seems as though I'll be lending my hands both as a visual artist and a member of Wood Spider. So exciting!

Also, there's a lot of other cool, more developed plans happening this summer. I'm sworn to secrecy for now, but all I'll mention is that Wood Spider is going on an extensive tour (For us, that is) and we won't just be bringing instruments with us. That's all I'll dispatch this moment.
(We're going to be taking a very sinuous route from New England to Texas and back. If you're in any of the areas that our MySpace's tour calendar vaguely indicates, come out and see us! Or if you'd want to help us out by suggesting us local bands/musicians that would compliment our sound, e-mail me at It'd be greatly appreciated.)


Squinch Owl - I Am Always Coming Home EP
Tags: folk, early blues, light brown

Sofia Albam is both a friend of mine and an affiliate to Folk Routes. It's just a three song EP, but her voice is stupid good. Please download it and let your heart be melted.
(That link is taken from her Bandcamp page. If it doesn't work for ya, it should just redirect you to the home page, where you could download it there. Cool?)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A Museum of Natural History study of America's favorite family, Cervidae! (Clockwise from top-left: white-tail doe, white-tail buck, mule buck, wapiti doe).

The Ramble in Central Park houses some really charming stumps.


The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn - Forty Days and Forty Nights
Download: tags: early jazz, swing, blues

Speaking of Central Park, I saw these guys there last year around this time. Good Lord, do they make swell springtime music. There's a whole lot of awesome vocal harmonies and makeshift percussion in it. You guys love both of those things!