Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day acknowledges scavengers.

I wanted to get better at drawing vultures. So I went to the Museum of Natural History to do so. Here are two pencil drawings of white-backed vultures.

The top one is a white-back. The bottom is a lappet-faced vulture. Both are drawn with a Micron. Oooooh!


The Devil Makes Three - The Devil Makes Three

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In celebration of Earth Day, here's me giving an exhausted, shirtless, informal lecture about the Irish Potato Famine to a crowd of people.

(My blog just got awful.)


  1. Woodspider is okay by me!
    I need to attend one of your live shows. Next Purchase show.

    Nice vultures btw!

  2. so the irish potato famine is just one more lesson in the dangers of monoculture. interesting.

    three cheers for mesoamerican domesticates.

  3. thanks for the share. Devil Makes Three <3

  4. this video is unbelievable. a crowd is cheering for an imbecile who has just told them nothing but crap.

    the irish potato famine was only possible because of the english reign over ireland - which forbid the irish people to eat their own wheat. they had to export it to england and europe. so they died. the famine was a product of imperialism, not one of monoculture.

    you say nothing about that fact. even worse, you seem to celebrate the death of a million human beings, proclaiming they were just too dumb and arrogant towards nature, and so nature killed them. you do that in some kind of carnival-speech. it's so disgusting. and why is that crowd cheering at the end? cynical assholes, one by one.