Friday, April 16, 2010

"Know that you're worth 44 cents in my eyes."

Preface: The layout of this post is a little less than beautiful. Blogger's HTML shortcuts don't seem to be present.

Here's some little things.

At the heart of all human expression, there are still the raw veins of science and nature. As indicated by this juniper and accordion.

A drawing done with ink and the key that is profiled. You know me and my love of impractical ink drawings...


The Bill Murray Experience - T'ain't No Sin

Tags: Ragtime blues, early jazz

Sure, their name is kind of stupid but when you see them live, you'll overlook it. They're pretty staggeringly phenomenal. If you're ever in Brooklyn on a Wednesday night, go to Roots 'n' Ruckus at the Jalopy Theater. That seems to be their "place".


  1. NO. i've been wanting this album forever and a day (well maybe since november) but it's telling me that the file is temporarily unavailable.

    i implore you, good sir, to fix this immediately.

  2. I fear that you only write me letters so that you have art to post in your blog.

  3. Or you can view it as all of my time for personal work is invested into someone I love.

    And I'll be sure to tend to the album problem when I'm back in New York later tonight. Do not fret!

  4. it works now.

    also, cover of tabletop joe? this band needs to marry me right now.

  5. their talking about 1903 billy (bill) murray. he was one of the most popular recording artists around the turn of the century.