Friday, September 2, 2011

Beet Summer.

So this blurry summer of poor time management and ice cream binging has come to a close. Whether or not my time was utilized properly is arguable, but these past couple of months should be valued just as much as any other period of our lives, right?

I saw what I believed to be a rough-legged hawk while biking on Assateague Island in Maryland. Here are a few of the watercolors I made in its honor.

Though, I was mostly working on commission-type things this summer, I found the time to do a good amount of collaborating with new and old friends. It's really comforting to have a means of making visual art more of a social experience seeing as it's often associated with introversion and solitude. The more people I worked with, the more I learned how influenced I am by the contributions of whoever I'm working with. Our images would weave together with the varied fluidity of a spoken conversation. Here's a couple I have on hand.

A delirious effort between Shari Ross with a big fat marker and myself with the leftover tomato-beet juice from dinner.

Busy drawings made during busy conversation with Alex Krales.

Conceived during Hurricane Irene.


Abandon Ship! - Abandon Ship!
Tags: folk punk

So the recordings aren't the greatest and there isn't even cover art, but I listened to this album a bunch this summer. I'd recommend it to anyone who digs the whole jug-punk type scene going on around the West Coast. I feel pretty comfortable saying that this is some (charmingly) sloppy medium between Blackbird Raum and Mallory. Listen to it while you can still wear shorts and ride your bike!