Friday, February 18, 2011

Cultures? Children? Waves?

Listen up!

Ego in pencil.

Concept doodle for a story I'm workin' on.

Lots of stuff is going on. Spikedriver Arts Collective is going to host galleries in Biddeford, ME and Somerville, MA some time in the Spring, so there'll be neat things of all shapes and sizes there.
There's other stuff going on, but none of it will get done now because I just discovered that there's three seasons of Courage the Cowardly Dog hosted on Cartoon Network's website.

"See you next week! Stay angry!"


Tik Tok - Lo-Tek Rides Again
Tags: ragtime, klezmer, jazz

"Neo-Futurist Ragtime and Toyota Klezmer played by human beings working for robots."

Saw 'em play at the Jalopy Theater in Red Hook, Brooklyn. God damn, these guys sure do get into it. If you're ever presented the opportunity to catch a live set from Tik Tok, don't pass it up!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hanging like old coats between the trees...

Back in December, I finished up a series that revolves around Duke Ellington. Each of the three pieces intends to illustrate one of his major contributions in the jazz world: pianist, big band leader and collaborator. The left is made of cut & stained fabric, the middle is acrylic and the right is cut & stained paper.

Lately, I'm mostly doing a lot of thumbnail layouts for larger projects and other stuff not worth showing right now. I'll get prolific soon! I promise!

I've also been writing a lot. If I can fine tune any of it, I may post some of it up here!


Blood Warrior - Blood Warrior
Tags: roots, gospel, country, punk

Blood Warrior is a side project of Greg Jamie (Of o'death) and it's awesome and great and anyone who is a fan of his other band should stop reading this right now and download it.

I got my hands on it when Wood Spider played his new venue in Biddeford, Maine, The Oak + the Ax. This place has a disturbingly consistent streak of downright awesome bands playing through. If it is even marginally convenient for anyone to head out there, I encourage you to do so. No, no... I mega encourage you.