Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hanging like old coats between the trees...

Back in December, I finished up a series that revolves around Duke Ellington. Each of the three pieces intends to illustrate one of his major contributions in the jazz world: pianist, big band leader and collaborator. The left is made of cut & stained fabric, the middle is acrylic and the right is cut & stained paper.

Lately, I'm mostly doing a lot of thumbnail layouts for larger projects and other stuff not worth showing right now. I'll get prolific soon! I promise!

I've also been writing a lot. If I can fine tune any of it, I may post some of it up here!


Blood Warrior - Blood Warrior
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?jrgkmycxmyfiaks
Tags: roots, gospel, country, punk

Blood Warrior is a side project of Greg Jamie (Of o'death) and it's awesome and great and anyone who is a fan of his other band should stop reading this right now and download it.

I got my hands on it when Wood Spider played his new venue in Biddeford, Maine, The Oak + the Ax. This place has a disturbingly consistent streak of downright awesome bands playing through. If it is even marginally convenient for anyone to head out there, I encourage you to do so. No, no... I mega encourage you.

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