Thursday, January 27, 2011

"To you guys toasting to me!"

Well, I'm back from tour and after being in a bunch of inspiring places, meeting all kinds of incredible people, feeling all sorts of heavy feelings and besting an intense array of snow storms, I can certainly say it was a good, significant experience.
Now I have a weekend before school and I have to try my best to lessen this winter madness before I hit my tidal wave of assignments. With that said, here's some stuff!

Winter Parrots
Done with ink & watercolor around the Boston area

Done with ink! I had a crazy idea that I should draw people as I see them as opposed to what they look like to the world. Everyone can agree on how reality appears. Why should I recreate it?

An acrylic painting that filled in as an affordable Christmas gift.

More stuff soon!


Esquivel! - Actual
Tags: lounge, easy listening, space-age pop

This is great music for working like mad on a project in a basement.
(I'd encourage you to listen to this on nice speakers or headphones. Something to take advantage of the experimental stereophonic goodness!)

"Esquivel is dead. But that's okay because he's the king of space-age pop and all kings need to die." - Mike Ditrio

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