Tuesday, March 27, 2012

These flowers in my kitchen.

You apparently can't do this with a Tascam reel-to-reel.

My autumn of '09.

This is what thoughts look like.


Ulaan Kohl - Ceremony. Vol. I
Download: Bandcamp
Tags: avant garde, experimental, psychedelic

Another Steven R. Smith project. This one is a lot more textural and droney. I hope y'all are into rockin' psychedelic soundscapes because it's all I've been listening to lately.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Painful yellow sunrise.

A moment from my travels in January.



Hala Strana - Fielding
Download: Bandcamp
Tags: Experimental folk, psychedelic, Eastern European

So I've been recently introduced to the work of Steven R. Smith, a self-taught experimental guitarist that has released enough music to hold me over until I'm old and don't care about music anymore. This is merely the first album I was introduced to and I'm all about it right now.
Listen to it if you're down with atmospheric textures and peaceful dissonance (which I know doesn't make any sense). Stuff gets pretty heavy at points, as well.
Smith is also a crazy talented printmaker and is the artist responsible for most of his album covers.

Monday, March 12, 2012

"The Brain of Pooh"

Masha wears a sweater of nighttime.


The Act of Estimating as Worthless - These Splintered Minds//Leaden Thoughts Sing Softly
Download: Bandcamp
Tags: indie-acoustic, folk, majestic, lo-fi

Act Of is quiet and cute but swells to glory and triumph. Everything on this album is loaded with beauty, from the songwriting to the production to the the gorgeous cassette packaging.
Listen to it at night while chopping garlic.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Water at yr knees.

I was hoping I could squeeze in one more post before March but ah, well. Look what I did yesterday!

Sketching at the New York Public Library. Admittedly, it was my first time there (horrible New Yorker). Holy God, that place is so extravagantly beautiful. That gold cherub-encrusted cloud triptych on the ceiling of the Reading Room? Jeez.

That's it for now!


Selections from the Diner House Family Bands
Download: Bandcamp
Tags: acoustic, lo-fi, punx, folk, indie, buncha stuff

Look! My band is on a comp! It's a collection of songs from the various musical projects by the members of Diner House. There's a lot of diversity on the album but there are some similar approaches in aesthetics and production that indicate that all these people live together. And y'know, that's pretty cool.
I feel a lot of warmth when I listen through the whole thing because even though I don't live there, I've spent enough nights on their couch to feel like I kinda do.