Friday, March 2, 2012

Water at yr knees.

I was hoping I could squeeze in one more post before March but ah, well. Look what I did yesterday!

Sketching at the New York Public Library. Admittedly, it was my first time there (horrible New Yorker). Holy God, that place is so extravagantly beautiful. That gold cherub-encrusted cloud triptych on the ceiling of the Reading Room? Jeez.

That's it for now!


Selections from the Diner House Family Bands
Download: Bandcamp
Tags: acoustic, lo-fi, punx, folk, indie, buncha stuff

Look! My band is on a comp! It's a collection of songs from the various musical projects by the members of Diner House. There's a lot of diversity on the album but there are some similar approaches in aesthetics and production that indicate that all these people live together. And y'know, that's pretty cool.
I feel a lot of warmth when I listen through the whole thing because even though I don't live there, I've spent enough nights on their couch to feel like I kinda do.

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