Sunday, May 2, 2010


This was a flier I designed for a bread sale ("Bake sale" has such a bland connotation these days, don't you think?) that went on at Oberlin College this weekend. Obviously, the sale's rousing success was due to my AWESOME flier design. Obviously.
All of the proceeds are going towards Wood Spider's multimedia summer tour! Get pumped! ...If you're on the East/South Coast, that is.


Blackbird RAUM - Under the Starling Host

Tags: gypsy punk, folk punk, riot folk

In honor of bread, I'm hosting Blackbird Raum's most recent album, Under the Starling Host. These people add such a gross amount of musical innovation to the typically repetitive genre they're usually lumped in. They play folk punk in 15/4 for God's sake! 15/4!

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