Monday, April 27, 2009

A Wonderful Time: The Best Kind of Time

Things have been simply grand lately. I love it. The weather's been pretty unforgiving, but everything is so god damned beautiful, I CAN'T COMPLAIN. This morning, our photo class reaped the benefits of that and shot down at DUMBO. I scraped my knee, got a nice, hearty smear of goose feces over the back of my shirt and I keep getting curb stomped by the proverbial foot of seasonal allergies but that's alright. I got frozen yogurt later.

Oh, and photo credit goes to Brian Barnhart. Swell guy, he is.

Sorry I haven't been on top of the whole "uploading recent art" thing as of late. Everything I've been doing as of late has been preparatory compositions and sketches and whatnot. But a lot of due dates are approaching with violent haste, so I'm going to have a nice stack of paintings for my scanner soon. So get pumped.


To compensate, here's an Inkwell Rhythm Makers album. Hope you like awesome jug bands. - En- Rag-O-Phonic
Let it be known that they're doing the whole "free music" thing by giving this up for free download, which I feel deserves a good deal of respect. If you can, show them some love, despite them being disbanded.

If you're looking for awesome new music, check out the blog of my good friend, Ellis. The kid's got a good selection of folk, old and new. So be a good American and take a look.


My God, I'm so sorry I ramble so much.

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