Thursday, April 16, 2009

A forray into the realms of Photoshop

So I've done a few cute little Photoshop things...Mostly just me doing line drawing and coloring them in. But working graphically is really the only interest I have in the program. So here's some crap that may cause some smiles:

First thing I did. Bill Watterson would either love or hate me.

This was a doodle that evolved into something stupid. Since this, I've produced a much cooler doodle. I should scan that some time soon.

IT'S A GIRAFFE. This was my first time ever trying to make anything with textures. I turned out alright. This is a haphazard taste of a pretty large illustration project I have going with a friend of mine. I'll elaborate later.

I have a few more things. But I'll save it for the future. I feel like I've had a pretty fruitful first hour.

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