Sunday, April 19, 2009

This jerk's got a Holga.

This is for a project I'm doing for my photo class. I've probably given away what I'm doing for the concept by putting up these two photos, but I'm too excited about how this roll came out to care.

Happy, happy days.


  1. which camera was this? the old one or the hipster one?

  2. I have a diana! Basically only because the holga was more expensive. If I was paris hilton I'd have just gotten the CMY one. But nevertheless it is the one true love of my life.

  3. I know I give you unwarranted truckloads of hell for owning a Holga, I admit, these are wonderful pictures. The problem with Holgas really just come up with how no matter what you do with them (because of all of their cool single feature-per camera) they look neat.

    You made these more than just "cool" looking. Whether you know it or not, you have a great layout in both of these, the lighting is lovely, and the subjects aren't just nifty, but you took the pictures at extremely good moments.
    Posed or not, there is lots of room to not take the picture, you took them at a nice time.

    I really do love them, next week (or week after? I don't remember) You better bring them all over. I really want to see your rolls.