Friday, December 25, 2009

The holidays and whatnot.

Fact: Santa Claus is, in actuality, a thirteen-foot tall barn owl. Who knew?

Happy holidays and all that jazz. I hope all of your debilitating hunger for material things was left somewhat satiated.


Corner Tour - The Come On Over
Megaupload - tags - folk, blues, americana, jazz

Hey! I didn't know I had this on my computer! It's a Christmas miracle!
It's good music to do a lot of nothing to. I mean look at how god damned brown that album art is.


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  2. I really like this and it cheered me up a lot.
    Also the atmospheric perspective and figure-grounding are worthy of at least 2 Murr-thumbs up.

  3. For some reason, that giraffe, and the manner with which it is being clutched, brings me close to tears. Maybe it's nostalgia. Or the fact that I've been walking around clutching a GIANT stuffed giraffe for the past few days.

  4. i WISH santa was a 13-foot barn owl!!!!!!