Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New fangled technology.

Well, I have nothing to do in the last day of my Adobe Illustrator class, so why not upload the work I did for it this semester that I didn't completely hate? Yeah, I think it's an alright idea, too.

Originally going to be an ink piece, but I GUESS NOT! I had a final assignment to think of.

The assignment for this was to illustrate a line of text from a book by Murakami.

I have oodles of work that is a little more "me" to throw on here. But the day I do that will be when I work up the effort to get some decent-quality pictures of it. Oh, and when this miserable week of finals is over. Oh, God, when will it be over?


Bottle Up & Go - These Bones
Download - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J2IH19C3
last.fm tags - blues, indie, funk, alternative

Well, I happen to have this on my thumb drive, and I was thinking of uploading it anyway. It's like blues...but loud! And uhh...ELECTRIC GUITARS!

I've been abusing the Caps Lock today. I'm so sorry.

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