Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well, I'm trying to make my living space look somewhat decent before I leave for the holiday and with no food in my fridge to distract me while I wait for my clothes to come out of the dryer, I suppose I can update the web log.

I illustrated an Aesop's Fable this past month. The Fox and the Grapes, to be specific:

In short, a fox sees a bunch of grapes hanging from a "lofty branch" (For whatever reason). He leaps for them with all of his might but all of his endeavors come up short. He then begrudgingly
shrugs off his desire and walks off, convincing himself that they were probably sour anyway.
The moral? Some people despise and belittle the things they cannot have.

Wise words.


Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys - Ready for You
Megaupload - tags - jazz, swing, vintage, neo-swing, cabaret

Listen to this album if you would like more proof that:
A. I'd be happier in another decade
B. I'm practically a woman

I like it, though! You should, too!

F: I listened to that album you last put up.
Yeah? And what'd you think?
You're pretty gay.


  1. Hey pal,
    Did you get a kitty in the mail? I am a little worried, I sent her many moons ago.
    I hope you have a marvelous break! I finished my thesis and I am a free and happy little lady! Next semester we will eat almonds. I mish you!

  2. Darlin', I dig you.

  3. i really like your illustrations for the fable.

    but paul wanted to know why grapes suddenly at the top of barren pine trees.

  4. Paul's got a good point.

    Also, my dad just confirmed your homosexuality in regards to this album. And we both know that he's an expert in these things.

  5. Well, one version of the fable that I read described the grapes as "hanging from a lofty branch." So heck yeah creative liberties!

    The rest of my comment is directed towards Fanny and her evasion of the dark truth she's not willing to come to terms with.

  6. You're making me look bad for dating a gay man! It's just embarrassing. Do you want me to go off with a not-so-gay guy? 'Cause I will!

    And, a lofty a pine forest? You of all people should know that grapes do not grow on trees. That said, I've seen this fable illustrated similarly unrealistically. I think it is from a lofty branch, but probably the grape vine has wound its way up the trunk of a tree and around a branch. That said, it's gorgeous.