Monday, December 14, 2009

Crowded Hands.

The Songhua River Mammoth: The largest "elephant" in natural history. Fossils have been excavated that suggest that specimens could reach heights of eighteen feet (Larger than a two story building. Christ!).
This was done with an ink dropper on a stained canvas that measures 3' x 2 1/2'. Oh, and a touch of white acrylic.

An apple for scale!

I got around to documenting some of the work I've done for finals, so I will put them up here in coming days. ...You don't look very pumped. Get pumped.

(I'm updating my blog in the computer lab while there are several people waiting for stations to open up. Hardy har har. I'm a bastard.)


The Mercy Seat - The Mercy Seat
Megaupload - tags - gospel-punk

Back in the late 80s, the Violent Femmes broke up for a few years, giving frontman/God nut Gordon Gano the opportunity to find some other God nuts to be God nuts with. And he did. And what they did together was make a "gospel-punk" album that is most certainly worth listening to.
For everyone out there who likes hyphenated punk as much as I do.


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  2. Why does your arm look so dark and dirty?

  3. This isn't a question I would be able to answer with the least bit of seriousness.