Friday, July 1, 2011

All green and hazy.

Oh, hello. Long time no see. Sorry I've let the place get a little dusty. It's been quite a struggle trying to find a balance between staying on top of the commissions I've got on my plate and indulging in the seductive swells of summer. With that said, my time on the computer has been minimal. But there's benefits to be found in that, right?

Anywho, here's a few favorites from the sketchbook over the past handful of weeks. I'll hopefully be back with something a bit more substantial.

One of a few little paintings I did during a particularly delirious all-nighter during finals week.

Bein' a mopey little illustrator.

An embellished European Rhinoceros Beetle.


Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? - No Blood No Blooms
Tags: punk brass, gospel, new orleans jazz

So here's something I've been blasting lately. A much more polished, nicely produced release in comparison to their self-titled. Gritty punk vocals exchanged for pretty and engaging instrumentation. Was it favorable? You be the judge!

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