Saturday, April 30, 2011

We're meeting people; nice people like you.

So I've seen a lot of things in the past few years that have been really important to me and they've all certainly influenced whatever it is I am now. I feel if I'm trying to be one of these artist-types, I should be able to communicate the significance of an experience, right? I'm so envious of people who can make something that just grabs me by the hand and shows me the world that its creator has seen. And there's always that perfect balance of ambiguity that lets you just plug yourself in.
So here's some sketchbook-extractions that try to accomplish that.


Sxip Shirey - Sonic New York
Download: Removed by request
Tags: experimental, world, hip hop

Speaking of plugging yourself into a world, Sxip Shirey does it really well. New York City is clearly a place he feels really strongly about and he does a really good job romanticizing the day-to-day drudgery of a New Yorker, whether it be wasting away time in the park or falling asleep on the subway.
And sure, his lyrics are a little... blatant but there's some really creative instrumentals on this album. The man makes beat-box harmonica sound so right.

Edit: Album download has been removed per request. You can listen to the whole thing through Sxip's Bandcamp!

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  1. Ah, I love illustrated memories. Thanks for the Sonic New York too! I've been meaning to get that for a while. Woah cool, I was on the corner of Bergen and Grand today.