Friday, April 15, 2011

Paintin' the rock.


Shel Silverstein

So as thick as the stigma for the caricaturist in the art world may be, I can't get around how much I like making cartoons. Especially, if they involve noodley limbs. Good God, I love noodley limbs.

Everything is great with me. I'm making lots of things and loving my friends.

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Odetta - My Eyes Have Seen
Tags: blues, gospel, folk

Shel Silverstein - The Great Conch Train Robbery
Tags: country, folk, blues
(This is in m4a. Sorry!)

I figured I should share the inspiration for these two paintings. My Eyes Have Seen is powerful as hell and has a lot of intense, rushing tracks. Try and listen to Ox Driver Song and not imagine her riding a chariot and barreling through all of the trees in a forest. Oh, and the reigns are flapping wildly in the wind because she's wailing on guitar.
The Great Conch Train Robbery is an album of a lot of goofy country songs. It's kind of like if Randy Newman got really heartbroken and sang about it passively through lyrics about quaalude addictions.
I love it, but if you're looking for something a little more straight-folk, I hosted his earlier album Inside Folk Songs, a while back.

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