Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh, Proboscideans!

A promotional brochure I made in Adobe Illustrator. It chronicles the African elephant's bizarre history through six stages of its ancestry. From left to right:

African elephant (Loxodonta africana)
Songhua River Mammoth (Mammathus sungari)
Gomphotherium (Gomphotherium angustidens)
Platybelodon (Platybelodon danovi)
Deinotherium (Deinotherium giganteum)
Moeritherium (Moeritherium lyonsi)

Okay, so Moeritherium isn't a true elephant ancestor. I know but y'all can just shove it. The little thing is just too adorable.

Way way more to come!


Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Broadcasting From Home
Tags: jazz, acoustic, chamber music

Been all about this this week. My favorite element about the Penguin Cafe Orchestra is their song titles. It really provides a nice context to every song and influences you to interpret them a certain way. "In the Back of a Taxi" first comes to mind.


  1. I really like how Moeritherium is puttering behind and Deinotherium is looking back at it like an aggravated parent.

  2. This is actually wrong. Deinotherium is the largest of all the above animals, in fact of all lad mammals deinotherium is only second in size to the indricotherium.

  3. No, Mammathus sungari is bigger than Deinotherium.