Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beans taste fine.

"To his horror, when Dendall woke up, he was in pieces."

Here's a hasty scan of the first page I illustrated for Dendall's Story, a children's story by Amelia Horner about a boy whose body parts abandon him because he doesn't eat properly. So Dendall (just a head) goes on a journey to learn about the wonders of eating well.
I have a lot more pages to finish and I need to edit all of them, but yeah, here's another thing I'm working on. Fun!

I'm waist deep in final projects right now, so I don't really have much time for anything. But after the next week or so, I should have all sorts of neat things to show. Hang tight!


Shel Silverstein - Inside Folk Songs
Tags: folk, blues, poetry

Welcome to the soundtrack of my last month. This album is required for every young, embittered New Yorker that likes to think they don't blend into the crowd of ironic mustaches and plaid on the L train.

(Not to alienate everyone else, though! Uncle Shelby makes sounds everyone can enjoy!)

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