Saturday, December 25, 2010


So today's a big day for having things to post about. It's also Christmas. So double nice!

First up are some web sites I've created!

Click images to enter respective sites)
This semester I've been trying to utilize the double-bladed opportunities of the Internet and make some interactive, web-based art. Here are my first two attempts.

These sites are hosted by the domain of FolkRoutes, a newly erected anarchist distribution syndicate. They just launched their website, so they're kind of getting their stuff together. But give them a look. They aim to do some really cool things down the road that I hope to be a part of. (Maybe you can be too?)

More stuff is happening. I've got to talk about Spikedriver, another collective that I'm working a lot with. They're going to be touring with Wood Spider this January. Dammit, I have to talk about that too...

I built a sweet fort today.


A Rockin' Wood Spider Christmas

There's still some holiday left so before it ends, be sure to listen to this ridiculous jingle that Mike Ditrio and I recorded. It made for a wonderful gift to his mother.


  1. I'm super into the owl site! They're beauties, all of 'em.

  2. I got 'desk job' thanks for predicting my future!