Friday, February 19, 2010

Like black veins under a gray skin...

Hello! Still diligently working. For the time being, I'm going to scratch that itch I've been having to upload that spoken word track Mike and I recorded a couple of weeks ago.
It was a gift to Fanny for Darwin/Lincoln's birthday. Hope ya like Tom Waits!

On a Dock -

I really, really like how it came out. Let me know what ya think, if you feel so inclined.
(Does anyone know how to upload an audio track to Blogspot? I'd like there be the option to play it from this site in addition to downloading it, y'know?)

Who's around in Manhattan next week? Wood Spider's gonna have a full band and make noise with it at Zanger Hall on Thursday the 25th (And then the next night in Boston). Go!

Strange place to play. I know.


  1. megaupload? really?

    haha, just kidding. i'm gonna give it a listen when i get home. right now i'm sitting in the student services office. downloading music on their fast internet.

  2. listening to it now. i'm gonna liveblog it as i listen to it for you.

    you are tom waits.

    lol you said breast.

    hahahahahhahahaha the giraffe facts. i'm dying.

    ((and she gave me my very first kiss.))

    you get an A+.

  3. also, what the fuck is zanger hall!? the picture is off like... a ballroom with chandeliers and shit like that.

    you gotta make it classy. you should play in tuxedos but with no shirts on underneath the jackets. and roll up the pant legs like when max went to prom. and cut the tips off the dress shoes so your hairy toes stick out.

    okay i'm gonna stop spamming your post now.

  4. Liz's comments on this are hilarious. I love her.

    This shall be my public thank you for a most beautiful gift. Probably one of the most meaningful of my life thus far. Thank you, love.

  5. Love your blog... i want to helpful how to upload videos in blog i know a friend that knows how to do it...