Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let 'em know!

This would be a flier I just made for a show in Allston, MA later this month. Go! Y'know...if you're around the area.

Sorry about not being the best blog updater lately, but that will change soon. February is proving to be a busy month as well, but for more productive reasons. I'm eventually going to have a whole bunch of posts to show for it. Oh, boy. Oh, boy.


Ezra Furman & The Harpoons - Inside the Human Body
Download - tags - indie, folk rock

When the Violent Femmes started getting lame, their awesomeness had to go somewhere. It just had to.

Note: The connection I'm on is being difficult with my hosting, so I managed to find another link to the album here. If I remember, I'll put it up myself later.


  1. But shouldn't people buy the record rather than downloading it for support the band?

  2. People always have that option.
    Also, I believe I've supported bands considerably more by paying to go to their shows and buying their merch through discovery of them on album-hosting blogs.

  3. Equus ferus przewalskiiFebruary 11, 2010 at 8:54 AM

    Also, if you want to support Ezra in particular, he's actually doing something innovative (which will allow him to succeed in the future of the music industry). You can buy his newest album for $18 and he will write you a personalized song to go with it.

    The music industry is so corrupt, its downfall is approaching and it's innovation like Ezra's that will keep artists in business, not supporting record companies.

  4. the thin heir is a really good band name.

    also, ezra furman. A++. even though he's not getting those personalized albums out very quickly. i'm willing to forgive people who have really good ideas, even if those ideas don't work out so well in reality.

    i mean, that's why you and i are friends, right?

    p.s. long live the music blog.