Friday, March 5, 2010


The Lovers

Bide may have been a terrible move in Pokemon, but it's a good thing to do while I finish up my work.
More on its way.


Mallory - Strange Homes
Download - tags - folk, folk punk, punk

Oh, man. Oh, man. New album.
That there's a direct download link from the band's website. The first comment on their page is "folk punk at its lyrical finest". I feel like there's not much more I can contribute to that description.
(Their first album is on their website, too.)

Also Mallory is comprised of wonderfully nice people. And nice people make good music. That's the rule, right?


  1. You're not supposed to post things in your blog before I receive them! "All I do is think about you and all you do is think about your blog" never rang truer.

    In any case, thank you. It's gorgeous.

  2. I thought about that. I felt like it would be a nice surprise for you to see it in person afterward! Y' switch things up.

    Or maybe I'm just a scumbag.

  3. ha, I think that comment was mine.


    This album is incredible.