Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some final assignments

I've gotten around to finding a scanner big enough to upload some projects of mine.

For my Perspective class. Our assignment was to combine two animals and place them in an enviornment with perspective in mind. I went for a bisant, the product of hybridization between a bison and an ant. I posted a pen drawing of one on here a while back. Go look for it. I like it more than the painting, which was done with acrylic (Figured that was worth mentioning).
There are things I need to touch up on this. I hope I'll get around to that sooner or later.

(Jeez, I scanned this poorly.)

For General Illustration, our assignment was "Alice in Wonderland in New York". Those were essentially our only guidelines, but we had to go through a painstaking composition process that took basically a month. I however, left it to the last two days. I'm happy with it, considering this was my first time using watercolors.

That scanner really flattens colors. Hopefully, I can find a nice camera to shoot these two.


  1. lovely job on both!
    I really liked your Alice project. The Rat's expression makes me extremely happy. You handled the watercolors very well for a first shot. Really, great job!

    If you need a camera to shoot your work with, you could borrow mine.
    Just let me know!

  2. the cars in the AiW one make me think of the seal at the wheel