Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Violent Rampage of Productivity

This is for my high school Psychology teacher, Mr. Epstein. A few months before graduation, he asked me to paint him something that he could hang in his classroom "forever". And I, being the scumbag that I am, pursued my immediate, petty teenage agendas instead of fulfilling my promise.
So here it is. A year late.

He said it can be as ridiculous as I pleased. And I followed through with that. It's a shame that probably my best painting thus far was wasted upon such a stupid, stupid concept. Or maybe that makes it awesome. I don't even know anymore.

Epstein receives it on Wednesday. I am excited.


  1. lovelovelovelovecraaazylove.
    I really do like this one, and I'm impressed you actually did this painting so long after.
    It was real neat when I saw it in person, even if it was in your trunk.

  2. you little stalker, you.

    thanks. you are, in return, stalked. for your artwork, ofcourse.

    and maybe if I'm lucky enough ill see some nudes up here. yes, it is an implication.