Monday, March 21, 2011

Here's to Kerouac.

A washed out doodle of my Equinox.

I'm learning a lot about the beauty of ambiguity when it comes to storytelling. I very often find myself feeling very envious after reading/hearing a brief excerpt of a period in someone else's life that they feel is worth telling. I think to myself, "Damn, that sure must have been something". And maybe I'm feeling so enthralled in their life story because they're leaving so many loose ends to be tied and gaps to be filled. It's really up to my imagination to determine how moving and tear-jerkingly grand the parts that they didn't touch upon were.

So maybe when you're feeling doubtful of whether or not the things you've seen and heard are worth retelling, you can just remember that it's really not up to you to find beauty in them. But you can craft what you're saying to let the viewer find their voice in your own words.

Or something along those lines...


Noel(le) Longhaul - This Is My Name Now
Tags: folk, singer-songwriter, ambient

An example of what I believe to be gorgeous storytelling. Noel's become an acquaintance of mine who always excites me when they update me on the various things they've been working on. They used to be in Mallory back when they were still together, so that may peak some of y'all's interest.


  1. very cute drawing! I can't wait till you take book illustration, I know yours would be awesome :)