Monday, August 30, 2010

Back on Greed Island.

That's right. I've returned from Down Under and my body's all kinds of messed up from all of the irregular sleep, reckless indulgences and extensive, unnatural travel I've put it through. But now I'm solidifying my status as "god damned hipster" by moving into Bushwick and I feel compelled to dust off the ol' blog from a summer of neglect.

I've got lots of stuff to put up! But scanning at FIT is far more of a hassle then it should be, so here's a taste of things to come...


Coaltown Noir - Ash & Oil

Tags: folk, early jazz, punk, blues

Wood Spider met some fine, fine people in Coaltown Noir and may be working with them in the near future. They're passionate enough about their music to give it out for free, so the least you can do is download and enjoy it!

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