Sunday, July 25, 2010


Heavy apologies for the inactivity, all. Thanks a bunch to those who have kept returning. You're sweet.

Tour went well. Zines were distributed and creative expression was spread like a debilitating virus. It has laid down a foundation for yet another heavily involved project, but on an exponentially larger scale! More news on that will come.

After hopping all around the country on tours and road trips, I find myself in Sydney, Australia, interning at the animation studio, Flying Bark. I'm here until the fall semester rears its ugly head yet again in September but before then, I plan on squeezing all of the life that my hands can wring out of the month of August. Oh, I need a place to live too... (Who needs a house/apartment-mate?!)

Unfortunately, I have no art online to show. A months worth of drawings and paintings were removed from my possession but hey, that is the baggage that comes form touring. I've been feverishly filling up a new book and hopefully I can find some worthy sketches and throw them on here.
I'll find the time to host some music too.

Be well,

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  1. just keep at it. hope youre having a wonderful summer, alex.