Saturday, December 17, 2011


Phase 1: Start Occupation

Phase 2: Continue Occupation

Created in acknowledgement of Occupy Wall Street's third Monthiversary. This scene is riddled with characters and friends from past creations and relationships of the last several months. Maybe you'll recognize some!
Though there are things I'd do differently in hindsight, this piece holds a buttload of personal significance and it's crammed with a lot of sentimentality and nostalgia. It felt really good to make it and I couldn't be happier that I did.

Way more to come.


Couch Forts - Boln
Download: Mediafire
Tags: folk, indie pop, bluegrass

Since we're revisiting the past few months, here's something I listened to a whole bunch back in September. It's really gorgeous folky pop stuff. I've never heard such rich and decorative instrumentals come out of music like this and the lyrics are tender and inspiring. Some lovely things can happen when you put guitar, banjo and fiddle together.

...But we already knew that, right?
(Forgive the absence of album art. Anyone care to help me out with that?)

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