Monday, November 1, 2010

You're innocent when you...

An alternate cover for Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman done in Adobe Illustrator. It's an awfully good fiction that covers the whimsical, surreal dreams that plagued the exhausted young Einstein during the construction of his Theory of Relativity. Thought food, for sure.

I'm thinkin' of making a transition over to Wordpress. Things just seem so nice over there... I can have tabs. TABS.


Squinch Owl - Homeward Bound
Tags: heavy meadow, light brown, blues, folk

That Sofia Albam sure got a set of pipes. Wood Spider may be doing a split with her if both parties can get their stuff together, so yeah, that'd be something to jump up and down about. The download link leads directly to her Bandcamp, on the grounds that she should know how many people are enjoying her sounds! So yeah, download away!

This month, she's touring through New England, so if you're around, you should check her out!

Edit: Turns out the transmission died in the bus Squinch Owl is touring in right now. Although, I should always suggest this, it'd be awfully generous if y'all could donate some amount of dollars or cents for the album download. These kids sure do need it.

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