Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paths to Abstraction

While in Sydney, I went to an awesome exhibit at the Art Gallery of New South Wales that chronicled the history and development of abstraction in Modern art around the turn of the 20th century. It put me on a kick of distorted doodles for a week or so. Here's a few.

Gah, I kind of liberally use the phrase" swamped" when it comes to the amount of work I'm doing, but this time, I mean it! I'm working on a children's book, doing a bunch for school, hunting down art modeling jobs and collaborating/organizing in an inspiring art collective. It's all so time-consuming but invigorating! I think a lot of cool work will come from it, so maybe I'll have some things to put up here. I can't feed off of my summer sketchbook forever, afterall.

Oh, and Wood Spider's booking their winter tour too. Who knows cool spaces above Massachussetts in New England?!


Hail Seizures - For the Ruin
Tags: folk punk, punk

Uploaded per request. New Hail Seizures! Be excited!