Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thirty pantless hours.

The Trio.

The Trio in color.

I like it when I do an entire piece all in my bed. My room is pleasant and I should spend more time in it.

Anywho, a short note. I did this as a gift for my friend, whom it is safe to assume is in the drawing. Though, I did have a lot of fun doing this, seeing as I don't really do anything excessively cartoony nowadays. I guess I can't run away from what I'm condemned to being good at forever...

I listened to this album the entire time:

o'death - Broken Hymns, Limbs & Skin

Listen to it. It's really good. And the band is full of very nice guys, since that makes a difference, I guess.


Oh, I haven't updated in a week. Well, just to fill you all in, Wood Spider's aiming to release a split 7" with New Year's Revolution and an August tour throughout the Northeast is in the works. I'll be sure to post dates and locations and all that jazz when more things are concrete.



  1. :)Yes yes yes yes Danny's face.
    It's so accurate, it's upsetting!

    Oh, and;

  2. Magic the GatheringJune 14, 2009 at 3:07 PM

    alex, you're not a jackass. and i like this